WhamSearch™ - search for data, metadata and text in databases, files, email, Web documents, blogs, social media, etc. (add-on). Content and context-directed Intelligent Spider™. Used as an add-on for other EIQ products for structured, unstructured and semi-structured data search.

Unlike most other text search, the unstructured text search option for WhamTech EIQ Products is a specialized form of structured query processing. For example, the indexes used for structured database queries are the same as used for unstructured text search on Web pages. As a result:

  • Structured data queries and unstructured text search resolve to the same data source pointers and can be combined in the same SQL query
  • Numerical methods can be applied to text search, allowing word weighting, Boolean operations on bitmaps and scoring
  • Easier to implement categorization and other text analytics that use integers instead of text – also applies to sensor data
  • Allows more creativity for specialized queries – tokenization, encryption, language mapping, etc.
  • Link mapping and link analysis can be used on any data, whether structured, extracted entities or text

Current Features:

A screen shot from WhamSearch™ to select options for text search:

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