WhamEE™ - Entity extraction from all data sources (add-on). Including unstructured, structured and semi-structured data sources. Requires open-source text analytics software GATE.

WhamTech bases its entity extraction add-on EIQ Product on the open source software GATE, created by the University of Sheffield, England, UK (http://gate.ac.uk). WhamTech has some experience with commercial entity extraction software and these could be incorporated into EIQ Product processes, however, some of the reasons GATE is preferred by WhamTech over some of the commercial entity extraction software are:
Transparency of code, APIs, development routes, dictionaries, etc. making it relatively easy to work with and integrate in EIQ Product processes:

  • Free to WhamTech to develop and WhamTech customers to use - there is an add-on charge by WhamTech to customers for the developed integration and associated processes, dictionaries, etc.
  • Avoids the centralized, big sever licensing structure of typical entity extraction and other commercial software designed to support ETL processes to a data warehouse.
  • Capability to deploy entity extraction as part of a distributed local, and therefore high performance, EIQ adapter product solution, instead of a lower performance bottlenecked centralized server.
  • Other available text analytics besides entity extraction.
  • Regular updates and support from a broad open-source community.

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