Teracase™ is a WhamTech legacy product - it is no longer offered as one of our products. We retained the product description below for reference as some of the capabilities are either part of our current products or could be incorporated if needed. For information on our current products, please visit our products page here.  

Most eDiscovery tools rely heavily on text search and some include concept searches with varying degrees of success.  WhamTech leveraged the leading edge capabilities of a categorization tool whereby it allows the end-user to quickly converge on a category model. 

The category model is used as a filter either on its own or combination with other filters for use against the entire set of e-mails and documents. WhamTech's primary market is Early Case Assessment; both for corporate preemption and after a case has been identified.  WhamTech's secondary market is full eDiscovery. Other WhamTech products benefit from either Teracase™ itself for information discovery or the categorization tool.

Teracase™ version 1.3 features:

  • Simple user access

  • Supported data sources:

    • E-mails and attachments

    • Documents (text, compressed, PDF, Microsoft Office documents, Microsoft Works, HTML and variants, WordPerfect and others)

  • De-duplication using "same as" algorithm, "similar as" coming soon

  • Case Management

  • Category Management

  • Search/Analysis with various filters (include/exclude, keywords with various options - stemming, synonym, phrase, etc., data source type, email filters - sent/received date-time, sender/recipient domain, sender/recipient email address, with/without attachments, document filters - type, last modified date-time, author, attachment/free-standing Save filters, apply saved filters

  • Results with options (list of matching text body id, path-link to open, data source type, ordered by keyword relevancy and category model score, n results per page, next n/previous n, view email/document text, tag selected, mark for a category model)

  • Create, save, refine category models

  • Score entire corpus for selected category models

  • Predefined tags (Hot - highly relevant email/documents that are found early and will most likely be shown at trial, Responsive - maybe, Non-responsive - irrelevant and Privileged - these are files governed by attorney/client privilege and will be presented to a judge (if the matter goes to trial), but can initially be set aside for review by the lawyer

  • User-assigned tag to any email/document

  • Teracase™ Administration

  • Audit log - log of all user actions at the web server level

Near-future features:

  • User management and role assignment

  • Billing Information - ingest volume size (before and after unroll and unzipped) and de-duplication by volume

  • Statistics and reports

  • Link mapping and link analysis for emails

  • Interactive visualization for both emails and documents

For information on other WhamTech products, please visit our products page here.