WhamTech Distributed Data Virtualization, Integration, Analytics and Security Technology

Combining the best of conventional federated data access, data warehouse and enterprise search solutions

The SmartData Fabric™ delivers comprehensive distributed data virtualization, federation, integration, master data management, analytics and security to enable:

  • Access to almost any and all data sources, including Big Data
  • Upfront data discovery, profiling and quality
  • Dynamic data masking, tokenization and encryption
  • Parallel distributed indexing and query processing in real-time
  • Seamless combination of master data with all other data
  • Standard drivers, query languages and virtual data models
  • Advanced capabilities to support applications, e.g., virtual data marts, aggregations and link mapping
  • Highly interactive link analysis and visualization, and other graphics
  • Data governance, security and access control
  • Managed in-house and hosted solutions and services

Multiple solutions to challenging problems in one scalable, distributed technology

The SmartData Fabric™ allows for indexed, adapter-based virtualized and federated access to data across large numbers of data sources, types, and formats, while leaving data in its original sources. More on these key capabilities.


 SmartData Fabric™:  UNLEASH the value of data.

Regardless of the data source location, type, format, quality or structure, access to source data without copying or moving the data minimally impacts and complements existing IT infrastructure and systems.

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