WhamTech recognized early on that it needed to modernize the technology, develop unique new products, meet standards, and be better equipped to meet customers' 21st Century data and information integration, sharing, and interoperability needs:

  1. Developed legacy RDBMS product, Thunderbolt's, inherent spatial-visualization capabilities and packaged as products called SDAT™ (and later, WhamSDAT™) and WhamViz™.
  2. Separated the Thunderbolt database engine from the stand-alone Thunderbolt RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment to allow for a modern multi-tiered system architecture. Thunderbolt database engine was packaged as a legacy product called Thunderbolt.
  3. Recognized Thunderbolt as a VLDB (Very Large Database) technology and develop methods to scale up to billions of records and terabytes of data.
  4. Developed a near-commercial Web search engine, called WholeWeb, that reached 300 million Web pages with 30 billion words and 6 billion links indexed.
  5. Developed search and linguistic algorithms for Web and Enterprise Search solutions.
  6. Developed a 64-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) algorithm that is extremely fast and has a one in 18 billion collision rate. This algorithm was packaged as a legacy product called WhamCRC™.
  7. Developed a shared-nothing parallel architecture (WholeWeb).
  8. Developed pre-computed query processing for normally-static data warehouses (WholeWeb).
  9. Developed Link Mapping, which map bi-directional hierarchical and non-hierarchical links and networks - virtual, physical, and attribute-based. These link maps can be superimposed on content and other attributes to add significant value to data and information.
  10. Developed software to enable high-end complex query processing.
  11. Developed an SQL translator to allow Thunderbolt database engine products to work with SQL.
  12. Developed an OLE-DB driver that works with ADO and passes both SQL and Thunderbolt Query Language (TQL).
  13. Developed real-time indexes that allow high volume inserts/updates AND simultaneous complex query processing by a large number of users.
  14. Developed a complex query processing accelerator that enables sub-second responses to complex queries on a billion-record database.
  15. Developed EIQ Products for external index and query processing of multiple databases, files, and documents, on multiple systems in multiple locations.
  16. Developed standard ODBC and JDBC drivers to work with EIQ Products.
  17. Developed Web Services access to EIQ Products™.
  18. Developed basic Automatic Query Processing (AQP) that is a query optimizer, based on an almost complete understanding of metadata and source data through external indexes.  Also, query processing does not involve any interaction with source data - only when results are retrieved.
  19. Developed pre-aggregated and pre-calculated field indexes.
  20. Developed two additional EIQ Products™: EIQ SuperAdapters™ -  data source-specific alternative adapters for federated data systems, and EIQ TurboAdapters™ - data source-specific query enhancers for existing applications and/or federated database systems.
  21. Developed join indexes.
  22. Developed Link Indexes™ that allow link mapping and analysis of non-obvious relationships within middleware indexes instead of the conventional approach of data mining in data warehouses/marts. Link Indexes™ can be combined with conventional queries to provide a powerful content-plus-structure approach to data virtualization, federation, integration and interoperability.
  23. Incorporated a categorization tool in EIQ Products™ for use in e-discovery and other solutions.  Categorization allows accurate context and similarity searching/querying of both structured and unstructured data.
  24. Developed an Intelligent Spider™ that seeks information based on similarity, context, keywords and/or phrases.
  25. Developed high performance segmented indexing and querying for cloud data, called HadoopEIQ™, initially for Hadoop/HBase, that allows indefinite scalability and conventional driver and SQL access.  Initial target applications are complex event processing and analytics.

Note that all milestone achievements are incorporated in EIQ Products™.

 SmartData Fabric®:  UNLEASH the value of data.

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