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In past years, WhamTech focused on major government system integrators with intelligence, defense and civil contracts, which remains a focus, however, more recently, WhamTech has been and continues to be primarily focused on commercial projects in healthcare. Other markets include mergers, acquisitions and portfolio integration, banking and finance, and insurance. WhamTech wants to remain a software technologies product company and has and will continue to partner with major platform companies, consulting companies and system integrators, to market, implement and support WhamTech SmartData Fabric™ solutions and EIQ Products™.

In the case of system integrators and OEM partnerships, WhamTech supports these companies directly and has little or no interaction with their end-customers. The support level and the associated pricing is agreed as part of the licensing agreements. The same is true for direct end-customer support. Support levels can vary between no support to full technical support with agreed-upon response times.

Documents providing some technical background for WhamTech products are available to download in documents.

WhamTech makes its USER MANUAL available online. The help system is a great place to start for developers and others interested in the practicalities of installing, configuring and using WhamTech SmartData Fabric EIQ Products and most of the technical details.

Licenses for evaluation, development and test are free of charge. Please use the contact page to request such a license or licenses.

Pricing for production systems is linear and buffet style in that it is dependent on customer needs, i.e., the number and types of data sources, hardware, OS platform, features/add-ons and performance. Basic EIQ Adapter™ retail pricing starts at $5,160 for an EIQ ConventionalAdapter™.

If you have any questions or for technical support, please contact WhamTech.

 SmartData Fabric™: UNLEASH the value of data.

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