A comprehensive distributed data virtualization, federation, integration, analytics and security platform for more customer/patient-centric solutions

Organizations are receiving an increasingly high VOLUME of data from an increasing number of sources at high VELOCITY in a wide VARIETY of formats, i.e., the three Vs of Big Data, and they recognize that this data is a prime asset that they need to leverage to improve their business. The other two Vs of Big Data of VERACITY/governance and VALUE continue to elude organizations, particularly in context with the other three Vs of Big Data.  Organizations are under pressure to reduce cost, increase revenue, meet regulatory requirements and industry guidelines, and prevent data loss—all while learning more about their customers/patients and improving the customer/patient experience. WhamTech SmartData Fabric™ is a unique option to support an organization's plans and enables the most effective, high quality data solutions compared to conventional centralized data management and integration approaches.

Enables more highly advanced capabilities than conventional data federation and integration technologies:

Address data management fundamentals upfront (discovery, profiling, classification, semantic mapping, security, quality, master data management/master patient index and link mapping/relationships capture for link analysis/graph database). Enable single customer/patient views of all operational/transactional data, pre-aggregations, pre-calculations and pre-joins, high performance parallel distributed processing, event processing, event correlation,and supporting almost any and all applications through standard drivers, APIs, Web/data services, etc., and query languages (SQL, PL SQL and others).

Please see WhamTech SmartData Fabric™ Solutions in detail below. 

SmartData Fabric: UNLEASH the value of data.

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SmartData Fabric Solutions Diagram

WhamTech SmartData Fabric™ Solutions

Key Features: (KF01) Discovery of networks assets and devices, processes, apps, users, data sources and data (KF02) Raw indexes on discovered data accessed by self-instantiating EIQ TurboAdapter(s) (KF03) Data profiling using tree part of raw indexes (KF04) Distributed metadata repository (KF05) Data security and classification
Key Features: (KF06) Changed data capture (CDC) (KF07) Structured, unstructured and semi-structured data parser/tokenizer (KF08) Data transformation for data quality (KF09) Data transformation for data masking, tokenization and encryption (format-preserving) (KF10) Entity extraction using open source GATE, i.e., WhamEE™ (KF11) Other text analytics, e.g., categorization (KF12) Production indexes accessed by EIQ TurboAdapter(s) (KF13) Indexed views for pre-aggregations, pre-calculations and pre-joins (KF 14) High performance parallel query processing
Key Features: (KF15) Data transformation for standardization (KF16) EIQ SuperAdapters and EIQ Federation Server(s) (KF17) Mapping to a standard data view(s)
Key Features: (KF18) Link mapping and Link Indexes™ (KF19) Master data management – seamless and automatic integration – not a separate system
Key Features: (KF20) Selective CDC – only specific data from a shared source – cannot even read other data
Key Features: (KF21) Link mapping, Link Indexes™ and link visualization (OEM) (KF22) Social Network Analysis (SNA) (KF23) Event correlation (automation future work) (KF24) Anomaly Detection (future work)
Key Features: (KF26) Unique logon and password and/or encryption/biometric key (assumes patient could be unconscious) (different from KF25)
Key Features: (KF27) Application query transform and inverse results data transform back to application (N/A yet) (KF28) Write back to data sources
Key Features: (KF29) Catalog of available micro-services, e.g., FHIR REST APIs
Key Features: (KF30) Mobile app platform support
Key Features: (KF31) Monitoring and rules-based event processing – currently through WhamTech SDF stored procedures, but may add internal BPM workflows already used for SOL1 ADDC
Key Features: (KF32) Support for external BPM workflows
Key Features: (KF33) Near real-time updateable hierarchical and other indexed views (KF34) Virtual data mart query construction
Key Features: Combined KF31 and KF33
Key Features: Combined KF31, KF33, and KF34
Key Features: Use KF17 to create a new relational, NoSQL/flat, ontological schema or more than one simultaneously
Key Features: (KF35) Extend existing data warehouse schema – possible to federate from within data warehouse
Key Features: (KF36) Streaming or incremental results data flow (KF37) Tag and export data in specified formats, e.g., XML, JSON and delimited and/or write directly to data source
Key Features: (KF38) Entity triple semantic model definitions (KF39) SPARQL and/or OWL to SQL translation (third-party)
Key Features: (KF40) Attribute-level role-based access control (WhamTech or third-party) (KF41) User authentication (third-party) (KF42) Encryption, e.g., format-preserving encryption (FPE) (third-party) (KF43) Blockchain (currently working with, but will require future work to integrate)