A comprehensive distributed data virtualization, federation, integration, analytics and security platform for more customer/patient-centric solutions

Organizations are receiving an increasingly high VOLUME of data from an increasing number of sources at high VELOCITY in a wide VARIETY of formats, i.e., the three Vs of Big Data, and they recognize that this data is a prime asset that they need to leverage to improve their business. The other two Vs of Big Data of VERACITY/governance and VALUE continue to elude organizations, particularly in context with the other three Vs of Big Data.  Organizations are under pressure to reduce cost, increase revenue, meet regulatory requirements and industry guidelines, and prevent data loss—all while learning more about their customers/patients and improving the customer/patient experience. WhamTech SmartData Fabric™ is a unique option to support an organization's plans and enables the most effective, high quality data solutions compared to conventional centralized data management and integration approaches.

Enables more highly advanced capabilities than conventional data federation and integration technologies:

Address data management fundamentals upfront (discovery, profiling, classification, semantic mapping, security, quality, master data management/master patient index and link mapping/relationships capture for link analysis/graph database). Enable single customer/patient views of all operational/transactional data, pre-aggregations, pre-calculations and pre-joins, high performance parallel distributed processing, event processing, event correlation,and supporting almost any and all applications through standard drivers, APIs, Web/data services, etc., and query languages (SQL, PL SQL and others).

WhamTech SmartData Fabric™ Solutions

SOL1: Automated Data Discovery and Classification (ADDC)
SOL2: Improved query performance from a single data source/database/data warehouse, e.g., Cassandra, HBase, IBM VSAM mainframe files and Oracle®
SOL3: Basic virtual integration of multiple data sources
SOL4: Virtual integration of multiple data sources for a single customer/patient view and other entity views
SOL4.1: Selective indexing and queries on own customers/patients data from sources that contain other customers/patients data
SOL4.2: Interactive virtual link analysis and visualization for data discovery, social network analysis, social media analytics, fraud detection, money laundering and many other analytics
SOL4.3: Customer/patient access to own data, regardless of where that data resides – also enables virtual partnering/healthcare networks
SOL4.3.1: Customer/patient (could be unconscious) provides others/healthcare providers access to own data
SOL4.4: Interoperability, e.g., Health Information Exchange (HIE) and many other applications – can write back to source systems
SOL4.5: Micro-services Architecture
SOL4.5.1: Mobile app support through data services
SOL4.6: Event Processing/Driven Architecture
SOL4.6.1: New BPM-based workflows on legacy data sources through data services
SOL4.7: Support for direct (or virtual data mart for) reporting, BI and analytics
SOL4.7.1: Near real-time operational BI dashboards
SOL4.8: Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) across data sources instead of a physical data warehouse, incl. an existing data warehouse
SOL4.9: Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) that virtually adds new data sources to an existing data warehouse
SOL4.10: Highly curated data provisioning to reporting, BI and analytics Big Data and other analytics
SOL4.11: Match late-stage cancer critically ill patients with clinical trials (Healthcare-specific)
SOL4.12: Combine genomics with healthcare data for analytics and personalized care (Healthcare-specific)
SOL4.13: Patient/Disease/Implant Registry (Healthcare-specific)
SOL5: Data security/loss prevention (DLP) – lockdown access to important data as per Forrester’s Zero Trust Data Security Framework

SmartData Fabric™:  unleash the value of data.

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