External Index and Query (EIQ) Products™ are superior federated adapters, sub-middleware and add-ons, accessed through standard drivers and SQL, and designed for real-time data virtualization, federation, integration and interoperability

EIQ Products™ are intended to accommodate almost any data management situation and solution, including data access and integration, customer data integration (CDI)-master data management (MDM), link mapping and link analysis, business intelligence (BI) and analytics.

Many of these solutions have conventionally depended on copying data to databases, data warehouses and/or data marts, however, WhamTech EIQ Products™ offer a true alternative virtual data warehouse.  Even conventional data warehouse-only attributes of backup, archive and analytics can be accommodated by EIQ Products™-based solutions.

SmartData Fabric™: UNLEASH the value of data.

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EIQ Adapters™, in particular, EIQ SuperAdapters™, offer significant advantages over conventional federated adapters. WhamTech offers three types of adapters: EIQ SuperAdapters™, EIQ TurboAdapters™, and EIQ ConventionalAdapters™.

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A virtual data integration, sharing and interoperability sub-middleware query management system, to access multiple data sources each of which must have an associated EIQ SuperAdapter™, EIQ TurboAdapter™ or EIQ ConventionalAdapter™ product. 

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WhamSearch™ Text Indexes

WhamSearch™ - search for data, metadata and text in databases, files, email, Web documents, blogs, social media, etc. (add-on). Content and context-directed Intelligent Spider™. Used as an add-on for other EIQ Products™ for structured, unstructured and semi-structured data search.

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WhamEE™ Entity Extraction

WhamEE™ - Entity extraction from all data sources (add-on). Including unstructured, structured and semi-structured data sources. Requires open-source text analytics software GATE.

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Data Security

Add-on for file encryption, access, advanced (basic included) data masking, tokenization and encryption, indexes and/or packet encryption over and above SSL.

Master Data Management/Master Patient Index

This is an add-on for EIQ SuperAdapters™ only.

Link Indexes

Link Indexes™ are an add-on option for EIQ Adapters™. Link Indexes™ in combination with normal content indexes enable accelerated database joins, link mapping, degrees of separation queries, link analysis, virtual CDI-MDM, and physical data, logical and ontology model discovery, among other capabilities.

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HadoopEIQ™ HDFS Smart Connector

WhamTech developed a Hadoop connector that enables EIQ Products™ to externally and independently index and query Hadoop data, providing relational SQL access to, but leaving the data stored in Hadoop. No reliance on Hadoop for any query processing and Hadoop data can be combined with other data sources. Other non-Hadoop cloud storage connectors can be developed.

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Mainframe Data File (MDF) Smart Connector

This is an add-on for all EIQ Adapters™

Server-Based Link Analysis and Visualization

Entity queries on content indexes are used to initially isolate the source and target nodes, but thereafter, the process to determine the solution involves only the Link Index or Indexes in the case of distributed Link Indexes™.

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Server-Based Graph Visualization

One of two modes in SmartData Fabric™. SQL query generates a virtual triple store used directly by Keylines - with almost no computation needed.