Efficient Data Integration, Management and Analysis for Insurance

Connect applications to anticipate fraud, improve customer engagement

Insurance providers require fast and efficient data access and aggregation as they look to avoid risk while increasing revenue opportunities. WhamTech’s insurance techonolgy creates a virtual data layer across all customer facing systems and corporate applications, to allow for creation of a comprehensive 360-degree view of a customer, claims agent, underwriters, market segment or other identifiers in the network.

Customer Insight, Claims and Policy Renewals
Perform actionable analytics across all data sources in the organization’s network to monitor a 360-degree view and react to new products and services opportunities, from life and auto to property and casualty.

Fraud Risk Analytics, Enhanced Reports
Access and monitor comprehensive data from multiple data sources, including Hadoop data lakes and data warehouses, for more complete, accurate and reliable predictive analytics and underwriting.

Compliance Management
Track, monitor and react to events in real time to better manage risk, regulatory requirements.

Product and Pricing Optimization and Modeling
Create product portfolio dashboards containing claims analysis and rank the profitability of each product.

Operations Analytics
Monitor carrier and agency interactions, cloud applications, and legacy mainframe data for cost savings and a more efficient and effective operations and business processes (BPM).

Risk Data Aggregation:

Unify All Data Sources and Applications for Fast, Powerful Insight - Real-time, comprehensive access for more complete, accurate and reliable predictive analytics.

SmartData Fabric™:  UNLEASH the value of data.

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360° View

Achieve Customer Centricity, Increase Revenue Opportunities, Minimize Fraud and Compliance Risk Across All Channels

360° Single Client View 
Match clients across multiple operational and transactional data sources to locate, report and analyze all client transactional and behavioral data from a single source

360° View of Operations
Monitor and react to business needs in real time using streamlined, comprehensive link analysis across product portfolio management, CRM, loan servicing, and all other systems and applications.