Better Manage and Analyze Patients, Providers, Procedures and all other Data

A single source of truth from all fragmented data sources for real-time, contextual analysis

With the WhamTech SmartData Fabric™, healthcare organizations can now connect, access and improve the quality of data across disparate sources at a significantly lower cost than traditional federated data integration solutions. The healthcare systems' data remains in place behind the firewall, with HIPAA constraints in place, and with no need for new data warehouses or increased burdens on existing IT systems. 

Connect and Contextualize: Virtual Master Entity Index (VMEI) 
Create an interactive, highly intuitive visualization index of quality Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics of all persons, organizations, devices, etc. associated with a healthcare system (data and content). Match patients across multiple operational and transactional healthcare data sources and develop a Virtual Master Patient Index (VMPI). Develop a Single-Patient 360° View Dashboard from all disparate structured and unstructured data sources. 

Patient/Disease/Implant Registries
Create registries on the fly, accommodating unstructured and structured content, and receive automated data and content updates from multiple sources.

Financial Analytics
Create a multi-dimensional, multi-measurable business analytics solution for claims, resource and drug utilization, payment reconciliation, fraud, and abuse, while balancing affordability and cost of care.

Facility Operations Dashboard
View a single, consolidated facility operations dashboard to provide predictive and prescriptive views of staffing, supplies, department activities, productivity, and patient throughput. Access a detailed view of each operational area.

Patient Engagement and Outcomes Analytics
Increase patient engagement and improve patient outcomes with insights in to who, what, when, where, and how a patients engage healthcare organizations.

Lower your cost of data access and increase resource efficiencies

Traditional federated data integration technologies require copying of data from data stores and warehouses. But with WhamTech's distributed architecture and unique indexing and query processing, there’s no data movement or copying and no deterioration of data quality.  


Huntington Medical Foundation to implement WhamTech Distributed Data Virtualization (SmartData Fabric™) to enable interactive single-patient 360 view. Read More

Data Virtualization Key to Healthcare's Next Wave

Fewer industries have reaped the benefits of today’s digital world more than healthcare. The digital revolution has streamlined access to data allowing for more accurate and comprehensive patient care across the care continuum...Read More.

360° View

Reduce Cost of Care, Improve Patient Outcomes, Reduce Data Storage and Management Costs, Access Deeper Business and Clinical INsights, Reduce Technical Resources

  • Low cost and low impact  
    implements rapidly, scales to fit specific needs
  • Comprehensive for operational efficiency 
    enables multiple solutions, the most capabilities in one technology
  • High ROI with a competitive advantage 
    improves data accuracy and integrity with unique distributed technology; efficiently connects and aggregates all data sources automatically and in real-time 
  • Secure
    offers data and cybersecurity options in one techonology

SmartData Fabric™:  UNLEASH the value of data.

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