WhamTech has extended, and continues to extend, its commercial customer base, with a future focus on healthcare and financial services - two example markets where customers want to access, analyze, integrate share and interoperate with data in original data sources.  WhamTech has partnered with a major platform company, whereby EIQ Products™ provide federated data access as part of a comprehensive big data management platform.  It is intended that the major platform company and WhamTech jointly pursue business in multiple markets.

WhamTech can share nothing or very little about solutions enabled for most of its customers either because of their classified nature and/or confidentiality agreements.  However, WhamTech is free to discuss types of solutions enabled and these are described further on the solutions page.

Customer references can be provided on request - please contact Mark Armstrong, President, (972) 991-5700 x208 or mark.armstrong at

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