Overview and History of WhamTech

over 15 years of data-driven experience

WhamTech, Inc. (WhamTech) is a privately-held US-owned Delaware Corporation established in October 2000 and based in Dallas, Texas. WhamTech's mission is to develop indexed adapter-based data virtualization, federation, integration, and interoperability, analytics and security technology software products. WhamTech develops these products to anticipate, meet and exceed the demands of customers seeking an alternative to the conventional approaches of data warehouses, federated data access with conventional adapters and enterprise search. WhamTech™'s goal is to provide an improved and more seamless way to work with data, by leaving it in sources and changing the way fundamental and advanced data management is addressed. WhamTech adapter products are based on independent, cleansed indexes that execute both structured and unstructured queries, and seamlessly and automatically integrate master data management to provide capabilities normally associated with separate Data Lake, data warehouse, data mart, graph database and link analysis solutions, including providing results when data sources are unavailable and for archive.

Collectively, these products are called SmartData Fabric™ (SDF).

Our goal is to provide a better and more seamless way to work with data, by changing the way data is accessed, analyzed, integrated, shared and interoperated.

WhamTech SDF products are based on independent, clean indexes that execute both structured and unstructured queries for data warehouse/data mart capabilities, including results when data sources are unavailable and archive.

WhamTech customers are typically OEM/reseller sales to system integrators and platform companies, however, there have also been, and continue to be, a number of direct sales to end-customers. See customers for more information. Based on customer projects, WhamTech uses agile development methods with continuous integration to constantly improve SDF.

Some of the recently developed capabilities include Link Indexes™ that keep track of data and entity connections within an individual data source and across multiple data sources to accelerate joins, execute degrees of separation queries, perform link analysis, social media and network analysis, discover, merge, combine, validate and present physical, logical and ontological data models, cause and effect analysis, influence analysis and more. Another capability includes indefinite scale, independent indexing and query processing to allow high performance analytics and complex event event processing using standard driver access and SQL on data stored in almost any data source, including mainframes and Big Data.

WhamTech has entered into partnerships with system integrators and other companies to install, and provide support and training for SDF products. This allows WhamTech to focus on product development, and leverage its technologies and the core competencies of its people, who possess extensive successful business experience with expertise in technology, capital markets and major projects. WhamTech has achieved a number of significant technology and business advancements since one of its predecessor companies acquired the technology assets in November 1998 - see technology milestones for a discussion of the main advancements.

At the end of 1999, one of WhamTech's predecessor companies received first round funding from venture capital partner Mercury Ventures Ltd., based in Dallas, Texas. And, in May 2001, WhamTech received second round funding from HAP Investment Group, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, WhamTech has received revenues from projects and licenses, and funding from investor groups and private investors. Various patents and trademarks have been assigned to WhamTech - see patents for the list.

SmartData Fabric™:  UNLEASH the value of data.

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History of WhamTech:

  • 1974 - University Computing Company (UCC) released the world's first commercial relational database management system (RDBMS), called DB4
  • 1985 - Caltex Software, Inc. acquired DB4 from UCC to develop the database technology further
  • 1993 - Seagate Technology, Inc. (Seagate) acquired Caltex Software, Inc.
  • 1995 - Business Driven Solutions, Inc. (BDS) formed and acquired the database technology from Seagate
  • November 1, 1998 - SCA Promotions, Inc. (SCA) acquired the database technology from BDS
  • November 23, 1998 - OGP Technologies, Inc. (OGPT) formed as a joint venture between OGPT, LLC, and SCA, and acquired the database technology from SCA
  • June/July 1999 - OGPT changed its name to Wham Technologies, Inc., later to Wham Tech, Inc. (Wham). OGP Technologies, Inc. (OGPT) was re-formed to continue development and marketing of SDAT and other oil and gas applications
  • August 1999 -, LLC formed as a joint venture between Wham and RA One, LLC, a media company
  • September 1999 - WTGP, Inc. formed to be general partner of WhamTech, LP, Wham Tech, Inc. renamed Wham Technologies, Inc., and WhamTech, LP (WhamTech) acquired Wham Technologies, Inc. to continue development of the database technology
  • October 1999 -, LLC formed as a joint venture between Wham, RA One, LLC, and MediaBin, Inc. (subsequently acquired by Interwoven, Inc.)
  • April 2000 -, LLC was changed to, Inc.
  • October 2000 - WhamTech, LP was incorporated in Delaware as WhamTech, Inc.
  • October 2000 -, Inc. was renamed WholeWeb, Inc. and made a wholly owned subsidiary of WhamTech, Inc.
  • May 2003 - WhamTech, Inc. moved the head office to Addison, Texas
  • October 2007 - WhamTech, Inc. moved the head office to the 12001 N. Central Expy. location in Dallas, Texas
  • September 2014 - A wholly owned subsidiary of WhamTech, Inc. named Virdatint, Inc. formed for solutions delivery in anticipation of partnering with other companies.
  • October 2016 - Virdatint, Inc. staff and operations moved to WhamTech, Inc. as PR/marketing strategies changed.
  • November 2016 - WhamTech, Inc. moved the head office to the current 5440 Harvest Hill Road location in Dallas, Texas to allow for current and future expansion.