Celebrating Diversity 

WhamTech is proud to be a broadly diverse workplace, home to different races, ethnicities, religions, genders, nationalities and ages. WhamTech is committed to remain an accepting and inclusive environment where employees can continue to offer their unique thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. 

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increase of female employees in 2016

employees >50 years of age

employees are of underrepresented minorities


Successful Internship to Employment Path at WhamTech



WhamTech has an active internship program drawing on the high caliber pool of computing science and related degree students from local universities, namely the University of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas at Dallas and University of North Texas.  These students are generally studying for their master’s degrees and, in many cases, already have a few years of work experience.

While there is the important aspect of supporting students in local universities, these interns provide valuable resources for ongoing development work and bring new technologies and fresh thinking to WhamTech. In many cases, interns often join WhamTech as full-time employees.  The internship program not only exposes the students to a wide range of technologies and innovation, but also allows WhamTech to evaluate them as potential employees.  It is very important to WhamTech that employees work as a team, therefore, observing and evaluating interns in the day-to-day work environment allows for a very clear decision on offering employment.  The added benefit is that interns can quickly transition from being a student to a full-time employee, usually without much of a break in between.

As a result of the intern-to-employee path, the WhamTech workforce is very diverse, in skills, cultures and gender.  This has allowed for very synergistic and successful teamwork that has resulted in exceptional product development.  Because of the unique and diverse experience and skills gained during internship, interns who were not eventually offered employment by WhamTech tend to find employment with prominent companies, such as Goldman Sachs, IBM, Microsoft and Qualcomm.  Regardless of the eventual employment path, everyone wins from the intern program at WhamTech.

For more information about our internship program, please contact us: 972-991-5700 ext. 217,


Proud Supporter of Local Non-Profits

WhamTech is proud to contribute to the local community by supporting non-profits like the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF). ATF is committed to rehabilitating and training athletes who have overcome the loss of a limb or multiple limbs through their 9-week adaptive training program, REDEFINE. 

Here's what ATF is up to lately:

ATF on Ellen

ATF with Starbucks

ATF on NBC Nightly News 

For more information on Adaptive Training Foundation and how to partner with them, please visit and follow along on Twitter at @AdaptiveTribe.