Better Manage and Analyze Customers, Products and Services

Enterprise data integration that’s smarter and easier—and at a lower cost

WhamTech’s banking technology runs across fragmented data sources—even legacy and big data systems—and creates a true, 360-degree view without copying or moving any of the original source data.

360-Degree View
WhamTech’s banking technology creates a complete 360-degree view for a customer, product, business segment or any other identifier in your data. 360-degree views can be used as the basis for reporting, business intelligence, analytics, customer relationship management and other applications.

Risk Data Aggregation
Virtual data integration provides the data access and capabilities that banks need for risk data aggregation, as well as regulatory risk aggregation. WhamTech’s banking technology can be implemented incrementally and rapidly to comply with approaching deadlines set by the Bank of International Settlements.

Data Security
Current cyber security solutions are not working. WhamTech’s data security technology creates a security layer between users and applications on the network and the data. Only approved users and applications are allowed through this security layer, while everything else is blocked, preventing hackers and advanced, persistent threats from accessing data even if those threats gain access to the network.

WhamTech’s Data Virtualization and Integration technology also enables:

Advanced Analytics
Quality Business Intelligence and customer analytics across disparate data sources without copying or moving the data, or creating a data warehouse.

Fraud Detection
Real-time, comprehensive access for more complete, accurate and reliable predictive analytics, including money laundering, transaction monitoring and behavior analytics.

Customer Insight, Retention Management, Personalized Offerings
Actionable analytics identify when customers are most likely to close accounts and where new products and services are needed.

Enhanced Reporting
Access and combine data from multiple data sources in real-time and maintain specific virtual views to create custom reports, such as suspicious activity reports and account validation.

Compliance Management
Track, monitor and react to events in real-time and connect with external authoritative data sources to better manage credit risk, market and liquidity risk, and regulatory requirements.

Portfolio Optimization and Modeling
Create real-time, asset-level reporting with predictive and prescriptive analytics, stress testing and regulatory or bank set limits. Build portfolio dashboards containing collections delinquency analysis and capital requirements.

Product and Service Analysis
Access customer data to analyze and rank the profitability of each product and service and move customers to more profitable relationships.

Customer Service Analytics
Monitor customer interactions, such as phone call times, email responses, and repeated contacts, for a more efficient and effective service process.

Suspicious Activity Reporting
Real-time, comprehensive reporting and link analysis for more complete views of potential, suspicious activity reporting and automatic notification for sending to the federal authorities.

SmartData Fabric™:  UNLEASH the value of data.

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360° Single Client View from Multiple Sources

  • Track monitor and react in real time as data changes.
  • Match clients across multiple operational, transactional and other data sources.
  • More easily detect suspicious activity.
  • Enhance predictive analytics with complete access to all data.
  • Improve customer engagement and experience.

Why WhamTech?

Improve the quality and value of your data with a simplified, amplified data integration process.

  • Low cost and low impact:  
    implements rapidly, scales to fit specific needs
  • Comprehensive for operational efficiency:
    enables multiple solutions, the most capabilities in one technology
  • High ROI with a competitive advantage:
    improves data accuracy and integrity with unique distributed technology; efficiently connects and aggregates all data sources automatically and in real-time 
  • Secure:
    offers data and cybersecurity options in one technology

With the WhamTech distributed architecture, there is no data copying or moving, and therefore less security risk and no deterioration of data quality.

Read more about WhamTech's scalable, distributed architecture.