"Internet of Everything" + EIQDVP™ =  Distributed "Index of Everything"


Private, public and hybrid cloud storage index and query capabilities.  Extend enterprise access to the cloud and extend the cloud to the enterprise.  Allow these systems to work together and appear as one.  An EIQDVP system allows data to remain in the original format and accessed by applications through standard drivers and SQL (or other query languages).  No need to provision expensive original source systems or migrate data to new host systems, in the cloud.

        Big Data

HadoopEIQ - Standard drivers and relational SQL (or other query language) access.
Currently, offering external index and query-based adapters for HBase. Near-future offering through the low-level/high performance Hadoop File System (HDFS). Extreme high rates of up to 10s of billions of records per day - indefinite scalability.  Can independently manage tiered media combinations of memory, SSDs, performance HDDs and archive HDDs.

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Partnering with one or more large system integrators to federate access to threat information, security and other logs, and other data sources.  The ultimate goal is to automate cyber analytics to a great extent or at least minimize/prioritize data that cybersecurity analysts should work on as a service - Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (CaaS).  Option of using the cloud for storage and access for high value, aggregated, derived and connected data.


Providing integration of enterprise systems and then bridging the gap with cloud, Big Data, cybersecurity and Fast Data that currently exist in data silos.  Almost any data source in the enterprise can be discovered, profiled, parsed, masked, indexed and made available for query processing.  This includes mainframes, databases, cloud, Big Data, logs, Web, social media, files, documents, and almost any and many other data sources.

       Fast Data

Pre-processing and monitoring streaming data from machines, Web sites, devices, etc.
Data is becoming bigger and faster - a tough combination to deal with, never mind analyze and glean value from.  WhamTech is working with Oracle® to provide index and query capabilities for data sources needed for Oracle® Event Processing (OEP).  Further, development is ongoing to provide searchable, compressed Fast Data storage through indexes.

 Internet of Things

Providing a means of searchable, compressed Fast Data storage through indexes for the many devices that are being added daily to IP networks and the massive amounts of data they generate.  These devices could be autonomous machines, sensors or human-directed.  The challenge in the future will be to manage, make sense of, integrate and analyze the massive amounts and speed of the diverse data.

Example EIQ Products-based Solutions

Unique Data Virtualization Platform Benefits and Value

The New World of Big Data and Fast Data goes beyond new forms of storage and real-time analytics, to include operational systems, archives, data warehouses, external sources and unstructured sources, such as office documents, social media and websites.  The EIQ Products-based data virtualization platform (EIQDVP) can provide data warehouse quality query success to, and results data from, ALL accessible data sources within and outside organizations, without the need to endure the lengthy and costly process of cleaning, transforming and copying data to cloud storage or a data warehouse.  The EIQDVP includes a Hadoop index-based adapter and support for near real-time Complex Event Processing (CEP).  The EIQDVP avoids the low quality query success and results of similar-sounding data virtualization approaches based on conventional federated adapters, without the lengthy and costly process of "optimizing" adapter queries, imposing loads on data source systems, limiting queries and low query performance.  The EIQDVP powers the best-of-all-worlds solutions by leaving data in data sources, but providing queryable standard data model layers that include own clean indexes and advanced query capabilities, and that interact with original data sources.  And, unlike other approaches, EIQDVP addresses all data-related issues and not just a subset, but does so taking less time and cost to implement and maintain, resulting in higher Return on Investment (ROI), lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), incremental deliverables, higher flexibility and increased capabilities.

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Company Summary

WhamTech is a privately-held Delaware corporation established in October 2000 and based in Dallas, Texas, USA.  WhamTech is focused on selling to and supporting major system integrators and platform vendors in government and commercial markets that are seeking competitive advantage through lower costs, and improved capabilities and performance.  WhamTech products are seen by these companies as important to winning projects and/or company growth.

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